Child Care in Singapore: The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child at an Excellent Child Care Facility

All parents want the best possible care for their children. However, due to life’s demands, it is not possible for some to be hands-on when taking care of their child 24/7. Parents with careers that require them to be in the office from nine to five can definitely relate to this. For those with children who are much older and have started regular school, the burden of looking after them can be lighter. But for infants and toddlers, the circumstances are different in a great way. Babies within the age of two months to three years old have limited speech and are not able to fend and look after their own selves. They need the assistance and guidance of adults to be able to live. This article aims to help you know more about the advantages of enrolling your toddler or infant at a child care facility in Singapore. First Steps Preschool @ Admiralty is one of the few good choices for childcare in Admiralty, Singapore.

1. An excellent child care facility ensures your child’s safety, security, and enjoys an environment that is conducive for learning.

A child care facility that is accredited by the government has passed strict standards to be able to operate. This means that the place has undergone inspections done by the proper authorities and has all the plans, equipment, and papers set in place to ensure that you will be leaving your child in an environment that will keep them protected from external harm and safe from any untoward incidents or natural disasters. Aside from providing safety and security, a child care facility is also a place that is conducive for learning and, of course, clean.

2. An excellent child care facility offers a gold standard curriculum.

Choosing to enrol your child in a child care facility does not mean they are going there for a vacation. If that is the case, then you are not getting the value for the money you are paying. An excellent child care facility should have a gold standard curriculum in place. Infants and toddlers may only have a few words in their vocabulary at their very young age, but that does not mean that they are not learning. In fact, this is the crucial age where a child begins to develop their brain. Whatever your child learns at this age will have a great impact in how he or she grows and develops. This impact can last for a lifetime, so you would want your child to receive only the best care and education suited for this stage in his or her life. Curriculums that are effective for infants and toddlers focus on their holistic development. For infants, activities that promote the development of their sensory abilities, as well as skills for early language and literacy are best. Toddlers are on a more advanced level and their activities are more centred on developing a child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social skills.

3. An excellent child care facility has the appropriate number of educators and staff that oversee the children’s well-being.

A child care facility caters to a lot of children. Because of this, the government authority responsible for regulating the centres has specific guidelines that should be implemented by the management of child care operations. The ratio of staff to children is one requirement that child care facilities are expected to fulfil. It would be an extra effort for parents, but it would be a lot helpful on their end to know what the set guidelines are when it comes to this aspect, so they would be able to properly gauge whether their chosen child care facility follows government mandates responsibly. A child care facility that has the accurate number of staff to children can ensure parents that their children are very well watched and cared for.

4. An excellent child care facility offers a healthy menu for children to eat.

Learning effectively does not only involve lessons and activities. Food also plays a great part in the development of every child. Meals that are well-balanced, healthy, and nutritious are good for your child’s body and brain development. An excellent child care facility is able to provide this. Likewise, a child care centre that puts the well-being of the children as a top priority is able to cater to special dietary requirements, should a child need one.

5. An excellent child care facility involves the parents in their child’s development.

“Partnership” is the keyword parents should look out for when considering a child care facility. As a parent, you definitely would want to hear about how your child’s development is progressing and an excellent child care facility is able to do just that. Aside from this, a top child care facility is also open to hearing out feedback and suggestions from parents. Parents and the educators and staff in the child care facility should go hand in hand as partners when it comes to ensuring that a child gets the best possible care at home and in the centre.


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