Did IU really undergo V line face plastic surgery?

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South Korean women, especially those who are in the K-pop industry are known to have high beauty standards. Not only with their body shape but also facial features, such as lips, nose, and jaws. These high standards have caused many girls in Korea, including celebrities, to undergo plastic surgery and one of them rumoured to be having one is IU.

Lee Ji-Eun, professionally known as IU, a 26-year-old South Korean singer-songwriter and actress is popularly known for her sweet porcelain-doll image. She debuted when she was so young at the age of 15 and as she grew up, netizens claimed that she could have had a couple of things done on her face.

Young IU used to look chubby with jaws that visibly form round corners on her face. On the other hand, present-day IU appears to have jaws that are not as visible anymore and instead, she now possesses a V line face which she didn’t have before. Of course, changes happen when puberty hits, but does the singer’s beauty come from successful puberty or is it from a V line face plastic surgery?

What is the V line face?

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The V line face is a highly sought-after look in Korea and the popularity of this beauty trend has spread throughout the entire world, especially here in Singapore.

Research has shown that if certain geometrical proportions and ratios of the face are met, it can make a face more symmetrical. Especially the triangular pattern between the eyes, nose, mouth, and chin is all taken in at the same time. Any irregularity to it could be easily noticed, so if you have any troubles with having a short chin and notably large jaw then you may be one of the growing numbers of people interested in undergoing a V line face surgery.

Who needs V line face surgery?

Patients undergoing V Line operation are typically victims of injuries or accidents and need facial reconstruction. But mostly, the patients that are undergoing the operation are those that are unhappy with their chin or jawlines or feel those structures give them a more masculine appearance.

In this case, the operation should only be carried out by a person having either of the following conditions:

  • Long jaw which is not proportionate to the face
  • Overly square or U-shaped jawline
  • Overly masculine jaw shape
  • Angular and flat jaws
  • Bloated or “chubby” cheeks
  • Double chin
  • Long jaw which is not proportionate to the face

This cosmetic surgery involves adjusting your jawline to the desired form while considering other characteristics of your face. This procedure has gained popularity throughout the years, and many plastic surgery clinics in Singapore have popped up like the TES Clinic, to serve the cause. TES Clinic has qualified and experienced surgeons who can change your face from a strong and rugged to a gentle, sleek look with the main objective that makes sure that the patient will feel more confident with their face after the surgery. For any more concerns regarding V line surgery, you can contact the TES Clinic today.

How does it work?

Doctor consultation

V line face surgery is primarily a type of simultaneous jaw reduction and osteotomy. But first, a reputable surgeon starts with planning a 3D model of the patient’s faces and how it would look after the surgery. Since each individual is unique and has different needs, the surgery is customized based on the patient’s case.

After a detailed consultation and review, in which the surgical specifics are fully explained, the surgeon can set an appointment to proceed with the actual surgery. The surgeon will begin designing a precise reduction of the angled bone along the mandible followed by the incision so that he can remove the excess bone from the jaw and chin.

The amount of bone cut depends on how large the bone of the jaw or of the chin is. A T or inverted V osteotomy is performed on the chin bone while the jaw bone is cut from the bottom. After this step, it’s time for the surgeon to do the stitching and sutures following the bone removal, and pins are then placed on the chin during recovery to hold the bone in place which usually takes about a year.

Your desired results will depend a great deal on your hopes and the extensive pre-op preparation you have done with your surgeon.

Surgery Methods

The four primary methods for V-line surgery are as follows:

  • T-shaped Osteotomy
    • This technique requires horizontal cutting, accompanied by a vertical cutting, which produces a “T” shape for the chin.
  • Inverted “V” Shape Osteotomy
    • It is the most sophisticated form of V-line operation, in which the chin can be cut invertedly without any additional procedures to reduce its width and height.
  • Horizontal Osteotomy
    • This is a conventional chin-reduction approach where the chin is cut horizontally, to create an appealing V-line for chins that are too long.
  • L-shape Shift Method
    • The L-shift is the best way to reduce a protruding or long chin. The affected part of the chin bone is cut horizontally and fixed. The excess bones are then normally trimmed and fixed underneath the chin.

Risks and Complications

Whether IU underwent V line face surgery is true or not, the decision of undergoing the surgery is extremely personal. Before committing to the procedure, you should balance the potential benefits of achieving your goals by considering the risks and potential complications of V line surgery. To help you have a more informed decision, here are some of the risks and complications associated with V line surgery:

  • Infection
  • Nerve injury
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Blood loss
  • Persistent soreness
  • Sutures can emerge through the skin, that may cause irritation
  • Need for further surgical intervention in some cases
  • Numbness or other changes in skin sensation
  • Difficulty in eating
  • Skin irregularities and discolouration
  • The surgery is permanent. So, if you don’t like what you see once you’re fully healed, you’ll have to go through another operation to fix it.
  • Recovery can take at least a month.


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