Everything You Need to Know about Nose Threads in Singapore

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In many cultures around the world, a sharper-looking, more defined and raised nose is considered the ideal looking nose. This has prompted many people to look for cosmetic solutions to achieve a more refined and chiselled looking nose. Nose threads lift are a popular choice of many Singaporeans and are one of the most highly performed procedures in aesthetic clinics such as Veritas Medical.

Understanding nose thread lifts

Nose threads are simply threads that are biocompatible and used in nose thread lift. Known medically as PDO threads or polydioxanone, the body can easily absorb them during healing.

After undergoing nose thread lift, you can expect a more contoured nose, raised nose tip as well as a raised bridge.

Nose thread lifts and entertainment

For people in the entertainment industry doing music or theatre, for instance, looks are a big part of it. Not only doesn’t it make you more appealing to your fans, but it will also boost your confidence. High self-esteem can help you perform your job with vigour and propel you even further into your career.

Moreover, for a blogger who writes about cosmetics and uses herself as an illustrator on how to use different products, it is important to feel good about your looks. Nose thread lift can help improve your appearance.

How nose thread lifts procedure works?

Nose thread lifts procedure

The doctor inserts the PDO thread into the tip of the nose. To prevent any pain, the doctor uses an anaesthetic cream to numb the area. This is a fast and simple procedure that takes around 30 minutes to complete.

The doctor makes scaffolds using a blunt cannula. This will help achieve the ideal height and projection of the nose. Since there is no interference with the blood vessels, there are no risks involved with nose thread lift.

Furthermore, one of the main advantages is the immediate results. You can see a marked difference as soon as the procedures compete.

After the treatment, the results will last for one year or longer after which you will need to go back for another treatment. The second treatment, however, can produce longer-lasting results since the nose will already be used to the threads and the shape.

Many people considering nose thread lifts wonder about the downtime. Will I be required to leave work? Is it painful? How long does it take to heal?

You will experience soreness for the next 3 to 5 days. However, this is mild and you can resume work immediately. Just make sure to avoid strenuous tasks.

Benefits of nose thread lift

Some of the benefits of nose threads lift include:

  • improving the contour of the nose
  • Reducing the nose width
  • Better nose definition
  • Very little downtime required
  • Raised the nose tip

What are the possible risks of nose thread lift?

  • Soreness and a bit of swelling for the next 3 to 5 days
  • The threads may move or exude if the procedure is not performed correctly
  • Risk of infection if the procedure is done the wrong way
  • Risk of scarring if done by an inexperienced doctor

Whom is nose thread lift ideal for?

  • People who have a nose with a bridge that is not properly defined
  • People with a wide nose
  • A nose that is off-centre
  • People who have a big nose tip
  • People who have a nose with a poor tip angle

What to do after treatment for best results

Woman applying sunscreen on her nose

After the procedure is completed and the effects of the anaesthetic nose cream run out, you may begin to experience swelling and soreness. You can deal with this by placing a cold compress.

Make sure to avoid any anti-inflammation medication. Secondly, if you are in pain you can use pain medication such as paracetamol. Furthermore, if your doctor prescribes antibiotics, always ensure that you complete the dosage.

Protect the nose from the sun by using sunscreen with an SPF 30+.

If after doing all this you still experience pain, contact the doctor or clinic.

What are nose threads in Singapore made from?

Doctors use Polydiaxanone threads in various surgical procedures. They are biocompatible and over the course of the healing process will be fully absorbed by the body.

HIKO nose threads are not as smooth as the normal polydioxanone threads. They instead have cogs. This allows them to provide good scaffolding strength. Furthermore, it results in longer-lasting effects.

Depending on your individual situation, the doctor will place nose threads at different locations. Furthermore, the doctor may use threads of different thicknesses.

Before you commit to the procedure, start by booking an appointment with the doctor. He or she will analyze and evaluate your nose structure and ask you about your goals. Then they will decide on the best type of treatment.

Final thoughts

If you have always been uncomfortable with the appearance of your nose, nose thread lift can help you improve your look.

Nose threads come in different sizes, types, and thickness. The doctor will choose the thread that is best suited to your case. After the procedure, you will achieve your desired look.

Make sure that you choose a doctor such as Dr Isaac Wong (formerly known as Dr Israr Wong) with plenty of experience. This will minimize the chances of something going wrong.


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